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Basic Invoice Templates

More basic invoice designs inside. Take a look!

Create Basic Invoice Now!
Create Basic Invoice Now!

Advance Your Brand

Invoice Home’s collection of over 100 basic invoice template designs will get the job done quickly while impressing your customers with professionalism and style. Our convenient basic invoice templates allow you to create an invoice and send it via email in seconds while being fully customizable for every business. If you need a little more information on your invoice we also offer a detailed advanced invoice template for your business. Check out the features below and create your first invoice today!

Customize for Your Needs

Whether you have 5 sales or 5,000 sales a month, our basic invoice template is fully customizable to suit any and every business. Our simple invoice template is equipped with unlimited character space so you can write as much or as little as you need. The basic invoice template has everything you need for your business and tax information (taxes, terms and conditions, total calculation, automatic invoice numbering) in one easy to use interface. We have over 100 basic invoice designs created by professionals so you can find a style that matches your business while you can even add your own logo to promote your brand. We never add the “Invoice Home” logo to any invoice you create so your basic invoice is truly your own.

Focus on Your Business

Spend less time creating an invoice and more time doing business with our simple invoice generator equipped with over 100 easy to use templates. After you create your first invoice our system automatically saves all of your information so you can create a new invoice in just a couple of clicks! Our basic invoice will automatically transfer your business address and populate your invoice number while you can add saved line items with just one click. Once you finish creating your invoice it’s even easier to send. You can email it directly to your customers, print it right from your computer, or download the document as a PDF right from our interface. With our basic form you can create and send your invoice in just seconds.

Choose Multiple Basic Forms

We don’t just offer a basic invoice template but have a collection of basic templates for every document your business will ever need. Basic quote, basic receipt, basic proforma, basic purchase order: we have them all! With our connected interface you can even switch between basic forms in just one click. Perhaps you work in construction and first create a basic quote or estimate to give to prospective customers. Once you land that job you can turn that estimate into an invoice in seconds and then turn that invoice into a receipt instantly once your customers pays. You won’t even have to change any text or edit any pricing and you’ll be on your way to getting paid.

Accept Every Payment

We’ve partnered with Stripe and PayPal to make getting paid even easier. Your clients can fulfill their invoice online via their credit/debit card or PayPal account safely, opening up more doors for how you can get paid. Our servers are encrypted and passed strict PCI compliance and we never store card information so your customers can rest easy knowing that their data is secure. Of course, you can always collect physical payment (cash/check) and mark your invoice as “paid” manually. Never lose business (and money) again!

Create Basic Invoice Now!