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HOW TO: A Guide to Invoice Home - Features & Functions

Published December 06, 2021

Invoice Home Features and Functions

We get it. You probably came to Invoice Home when you were looking for a simple invoice template for your growing business.

We’re thrilled you found us, but even though we have hundreds of beautiful invoice templates to choose from, Invoice Home has a lot more to offer you and your business.

For starters, we don’t just offer invoices. We offer a number of other documents like receipts, quotes, estimates, and more!

Plus, our invoicing system has a host of features and functions that help you streamline your billing process. Like recurring invoices, payment links, an email feature, and safe and secure unlimited storage of all your documents and their details.

HOW TO: Archive Items with Invoice Home

Published November 02, 2021

archive items
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If you’ve been using Invoice Home to make your invoices for a while, or you offer your customers a lot of products or services, you may need an easy way to clean up your items list.

That’s why we added the archive items function!

HOW TO: Recurring Invoices - pt. 1 - Steps to Set-up

Published October 29, 2021

recurring invoices
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Do you bill your customers for the same products or services every week, month, quarter, or year? If the answer is “yes”, then recurring invoices are for you!

If you’re a landlord, landscaper, language tutor, or work in another profession offering the same services regularly, you probably have customers who you invoice consistently for the same amount.

Creating and emailing the same invoice over and over can get old. So, let us automate the process for you. Set up recurring invoices today!

HOW TO: Add Two Taxes or a Compounded Tax to an Invoice

Published August 17, 2021

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Life can be complicated, and so can taxes.

We get it. Sometimes you need to add a tax to just a single item on the invoice. Sometimes, you need to add two taxes. And need to add compounded taxes.

Don’t worry, with Invoice Home you can do it all in a snap.

Here’s how!

HOW TO: Self-Organized Invoicing is Here!

Published August 13, 2021

We know staying organized is at the top of any business owners list of priorities. So, we created self-organized invoicing.

Here’s what it’s all about.

As you know, Invoice Home has a single field for your customer’s info. That means you can easily copy & paste a customer's name and address in one swift move.

Once you enter the info, our system analyzes invoices, and saves your customer’s information. The info is then stored in your “My Customers” list, so you can use it over and over. No need to type, no need to copy, no need to paste.

Here’s how to use this feature.

HOW TO: Copy Invoice Items Quickly!

Published August 13, 2021

Copy Items
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Billing customers for the same products or services over and over? We thought so.

Invoice Home can save you time and streamline your invoicing process with saved items.

Here’s how.

HOW TO: Add Taxable and Non-Taxable Items on One Invoice

Published August 13, 2021

Tax on Invoice
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At times you may need more than just a simple invoice template, because invoicing isn’t always straightforward.

Sometimes you may need to create an invoice with taxable items. Sometimes you might need one with non-taxable items.

And need to include both!

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With Invoice Home it’s easy.

Here’s how to add taxable and non-taxable items to the same invoice.

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