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What is a Cash Receipt?

A cash receipt is a billing document used to keep track of a paid transaction from an external source. It can be used to record complete or partial payments. Normally, a copy of this receipt is saved by the payee and a copy is sent to the payer.

This is a relatively simple document that includes only important information, like the payee’s and payer’s information, what the payment was for, the amount paid for the product or service, and the date payment was made.

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When Should I Use a Cash Receipt?

Receipts should be given every time a customer makes a purchase from your business. When the customer pays in cash, it’s typical to deliver a smaller, simple receipt in the form of a cash receipt.

Normally, these receipts are delivered immediately after a customer pays you for your services. You can print out your receipts and hand-deliver them to your customers, or use Invoice Home’s billing software to send a PDF copy directly to your customers! We suggest sending cash receipts to your customers as soon as possible after a payment is made so everyone’s records are up to date.

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How Do I Create a Cash Receipt?

With Invoice Home, you have two options:

1. Create a new document from scratch with the cash receipt template gallery. Once you save it, your receipts will be ready to email or print in seconds.

2. Mark an existing invoice as paid, and a receipt will automatically be generated for your convenience!

Why Should I Use a Cash Receipt Template?

Invoice Home's receipt template software makes billing effortless by automatically saving your business, product, and customer information each time you create a document. Your saved information is automatically imported from our system in just one click!

All you need to do from here is add your customer information, services provided, and amount owed. Your cash receipts will be ready to email or print in seconds. So, you can spend less time making cash receipts and more time growing your business.

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How Do I Make My Receipt Look Professional?

Personalizing your cash receipts will make your business stand out from the crowd. Invoice Home offers an entire collection of professional cash receipt templates created by branding design experts. Take a look at our pre-made template gallery and select the one that perfectly suits you.

Look more professional by adding your business logo and signature to your cash receipts. Then, email them directly to your customers from your Invoice Home account.

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How Do I Send my New Documents to My Customers?

Whether you're at home or on-the-go with the Invoice Home mobile app, Invoice home makes communicating with customers a breeze. With our online service, you can send your receipts via email or print them out and send by mail.

Our mobile app makes sharing even easier - create, save and download your cash receipts as a PDF. No matter where you are in the world, you have convenient ways to share documents with your customers!

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