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Perfect for Many Industries

One of the most common misconceptions people have is that receipts are only necessary in a retail setting. However, industries that go beyond just selling goods in a store find that they too have a need for receipts. This is where our blank template can come in handy.

Free Printable Receipt Template for Rentals

Rental companies will need to provide their customers with receipts each month to show what was paid towards rent. This is important for the renter to have, in addition for the rental company to maintain. With each free online receipt template, you can create sections for rent paid, deposits paid, additional charges and even offer discounts for customers. Once printed, both you and the renter will have a legible receipt that you can go back to, should there be any concerns about any transactions that took place.

A Blank Receipt Template for Mechanics

As a mechanic, there are lots of detailed parts and services that are provided. Often, it doesn’t make sense to just use a generic receipt that shows totals on it. Most customers want details about the work that was done, what parts were installed and anything else the mechanic did on the vehicle. The more detailed information you can provide, the easier it will be to have the customers pay for the rendered services.

Invoice Home will allow you to add fields and to create a highly detailed invoice to meet the needs of your customers. You can list what work was done to the engine, if you had to connect it to the computer to test a warning light, or added oil, an air filter and other parts necessary for the vehicle to operate properly.

Service Plan Based Receipts

Housekeepers and gardeners will also find that their customers need a receipt (free receipt template) for services provided. Invoice Home makes that process easier. You can create invoices quickly and print them off to provide your customers for work that needs to be done. This can be a monthly service plan charged each month to the customers and where a receipt is needed. It can be as simple as House Cleaning December 2014. Once it is paid, you will have a record of who has paid you for the month. You can then do more than just collecting money and be sure to be paid for your services.

Antique Shops Can Use a Blank Receipt Template

Most antique shops are broken down into booths that people rent out to sell their goods on. When the cashier keys the information into the system, it ensures everyone is paid for the items that were sold. With a receipt template free from Invoice Home, you can document in an effective manner the sold item number, price and its detailed description. That way, when a booth owner comes in to verify a sold item, you’ll have a detailed account of the transaction that took place. This can also help to reduce confusion in cases where the sellers both have the same item.

A Blank Receipt Template Works in All Industries

No matter what industry you work in, you’ll find that there is always a need for a detailed receipt. Fortunately, when you use the free options that are available through Invoice Home, you’ll have a chance to create professional grade receipts that will meet your needs and seconds. They will help clear up any confusion that your customers may have. Take a few moments to browse the over 100 free designs that are available and take your business one step further by utilizing each free online receipt template.