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Using Invoice Home’s collection of over 100 designs you can create a creative and professional receipt that your customers will love. Each receipt you create can be sent directly to your customers via email or printed to be sent physically from your business. Additionally, our free receipt template can be fully customized as you can choose your favorite style curated by professional graphic designers and even add your own personal logo. To get started check out the four quick steps below on how to create your first receipt with our software:

1) Many Receipt Template Forms to Choose

Pick how detailed you want your finished receipt by first choosing the correct form. We offer two distinct templates: a traditional receipt template and a sales receipt template. On top of this you can switch between basic and advanced forms depending on how much information you need to include on your receipt. If you need to create a rent receipt template you can simply use our basic free receipt template and describe the item as “rent”. If you received a cash deposit you can amend our receipt template into a cash receipt template by labeling the description as “deposit” or whatever you received cash for. Because all of our templates are blank with unlimited space you can add as much or as little information as you need.

2) Personalize for Your Business

Once you have selected the correct form for your business it’s time now to customize your receipt template to fit your style. First enter your business information in the “from” box and then your customer information in the “Bill To” box. Once you save this information this data will automatically populate when making the next receipt. Next add line items by clicking “add new item” and give each good/service a title and amount. If you’re creating a rent receipt template simply label the description as “rent” and if you’re making a cash receipt template simply label the description as “deposit” or whatever the cash is meant as. If needed you can add tax here by clicking the “add a tax” button. To finish your free receipt creation and make it your own upload your own logo (or choose one from our gallery) by clicking on the “your logo” button. Thanks to the free receipt template you can do all of this in seconds leaving more time for you to run your business.

3) Pick Your Perfect Design

Now it’s time to bring your receipt to life and impress your customers by choosing your receipt design from Invoice Home’s wide variety of styles. With over 100 different styles to pick from you’ll have many options to create a receipt that fits your business. Say you’re a landlord who just repainted an apartment: create your rent receipt template and choose a paint splatter design to reflect your work. Maybe you sell wedding dresses and just took a cash deposit for a gown? Once you fill in your cash receipt template you can select a classy design with scrolling or flowers to reflect the sophistication of your field. The best part? You can seamlessly flip between different receipt designs before saving your document to make sure you have created the best looking form for your customers.

4) Choose Your Best Contact Method

Whether you prefer sending your receipts digitally or as hard copies Invoice Home caters to you. After completing and saving your receipt you can download it as a PDF to keep on your hard drive or attach to a personal or business email. To make things easier you can email your customer their receipt directly through our website. For those who prefer physical invoices you can print off your creations right from your Invoice account.

If you aren’t sure of which communication platform is right for you take a look at what kind of receipt you are sending out and who your customer is. If you are sending recurring receipts, like with rent receipt template forms, it will be more cost effective to send these via email. If you are dealing with a customer only once, like with a cash receipt template form, then it may be best to provide them with hard copies. Whichever way you choose, Invoice Home makes it easier than ever to send out your receipts and keep your customers happy.

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