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Do I Need to Use an Invoice Maker?

If your business sells goods or provides services to be paid then it is crucial to send your clients bills. Invoices provide a detailed description of your transactions and serve as evidence that money changed hands. Customer has a dispute over how much money they paid? Simply show them the receipt they agreed to made from a free invoice maker. Customer wants a refund? You’ll know exactly how much to send their way from your invoice. You can even track your inventory and business growth by keeping a record of your invoicing through our invoice maker app. Because invoicing is so vital to your business you’ll be sending at least one (hopefully multiple!) bills a week.

Instead of typing out each statement one by one from scratch, our invoice maker makes the process quick and harmless. Choose your free invoice template from over 100 professional designs that are sure to fit the theme of your business. All you need to do is input your transaction details and our free invoice maker does all the work for you. You can create a bill within minutes and send them to your clients either by printing it off to be sent through traditional mail or directly sending it via email. An online invoice maker streamlines the process of you getting paid so you can focus more on your business.

Invoices are Necessary for Your Customers

Whether you’re buying groceries, gas or gadgets you are always issued (or at least asked if you would like) a receipt. Receipts and invoices not only give customers information on what exactly they paid for and for how much, but also provide the opportunity to return or exchange goods. As a business owner your first priority is always your clients and keeping them satisfied. If a buyer is unhappy and wants a refund then of course you must oblige to keep your clientele. And while a customer is not always right as he may forget exactly how much they’ve paid, your invoice is always right. When you use our free online invoice maker all of your data is stored securely in our system and can be used to provide evidence to your customer on what they agreed to pay. When a dispute does come up and your customer disagrees with how much of a refund they should get, you can simply reprint or re-email the client to show your agreement. Our invoice maker app protects both you and your buyers.

Using a Free Invoice Maker Means More Money for You

They say time is money and this could not be more true for your business. Taking the time to create individual bills cuts into the time you could spend creating more inventory, marketing, or providing services to your customers. When you use our free invoice maker you can create an invoice in seconds so that you do not have to waste time with record keeping. You can also send receipts instantly to your customers via email which means no more trips to the post office. Even better, our online invoice maker saves your client information and details of your goods and services (including prices) which makes creating bills even faster.

Did we mention that our online invoice maker is totally free? This means that you do not have to pay accountants, pay for postage or pay subscription fees to bill your buyers. One less expense can create a big difference in your profit margin so don’t underestimate how these costs can add up. This makes a free online invoice maker a valuable tool for your business, especially when you are just starting off and every dollar and cent count.

Save Your Customer Data Securely

Your business operates in the 21st century and so should your billing. When you create a bill using our free online invoice maker your information is stored safely within your account. Here you can see past invoices, how many customers you have billed, and total amounts you have made while in business. You can even export your data into pdf or excel files so you can keep track of your business growth.

Taking your billing online also provides flexibility for your customers. These days it’s easier to pay via credit card or PayPal than by cash or check. Our invoice maker app allows for you to set up online payments from your customers so you can collect your dues quicker and easier than ever before. You can even include a payment link along with your email so your buyer can see the invoice and pay with one click.

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