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Why Use an Invoice Generator?

Proper invoicing and record keeping are essential for good business practice. Invoicing acts as a verification of your business dealings which is important for everything from customer relations, to tracking business growth, to tax season where your records will be scrutinized by the government. As a business owner, billing will be a big part of your everyday duties so why not make the process easier by using an invoice generator? Simply put your customer information, transaction details and terms and conditions into our free invoice generator and the system does all the work for you. Better yet, the invoice generator software saves your data to make future billing even easier for repeat clients and repeat services. By using an online invoice generator you can make bills in mere minutes. More invoicing means more money- which means happy business owner.

Create Professional Looking Invoices in Minutes

You may be just starting your business after that genius idea popped into your head a week ago. This doesn’t give you the excuse of looking less than professional to your potential customers. When using our free invoice generator you simply pick an invoice template from our extensive gallery of over 100 designs, input your information and voila! One clean and sharp invoice is ready to send to your first customer. Because our online invoice generator is free to use, you can create the proper records your business needs without breaking into your profit margin. This also means that you can send multiple invoices quickly to bring in multiple checks quickly. Additionally, upload your logo into our online invoice generator to help customers see that you are an established business (even if you were established 24 hours ago).

Send and Store Your Information Quickly

Gone are the days of hand-typed (or even written) invoices! Our site makes getting paid quicker and easier than ever with our invoice generator. When you create an account with Invoice Home all of your invoices are automatically stored safely and securely within our invoice generator software. This means that you can easily keep track of inventory, business growth and details on who, what, and where your customers are. Put off your taxes again till the last minute? No problem, simply export all your data into a pdf or excel file that you can use to support your business claims.

Our invoice generator software also makes communicating with your customers a breeze. Once you create your bill using our invoice generator you can send it off to your customers one of two ways: you can print it directly after saving and send via traditional mail or you can even send it to your clients directly via email. Your customer says they never received it and didn’t pay? Luckily all of your invoices can be printed and emailed multiple times to keep communication with your customers open.

Get Paid Faster with a Free Invoice Generator

With traditional invoices you send out a letter hoping your client responds with a cash or check on time. With our online invoice generator, the guesswork is gone for when you expect to be paid. After you create your account you can start accepting online payments in the form of credit card or PayPal.

Simply create a bill, authorize payments and email your client. The email will include a link for customers to pay you directly leading to instant payments. Using our system you will create your bill, send it and get paid faster than it would take to send a paper invoice through the mail.

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