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How to Use Our Invoice Generator

With the Invoice Home online invoice generator you can create a professional invoice in seconds.

There’s no reason to waste time creating an invoice by hand! Just select one of our 100 invoice templates created by professional designers. In a few clicks, you’ll have a stunning invoice to send to your customers.

Plus, once you create an Invoice Home account our invoice generator software automatically saves your information and imports it into future invoices you create. So, you won’t have to re-type information like your name, business address, and phone number over and over again. Better yet, our free invoice generator allows you to save your line items (name and cost) so that all you’ll have to do is copy your saved goods and services from your old invoices and paste them into your new one.

Additionally, if your customer asks for a quote, we have you covered. You can use our quote template and later turn it into an invoice with a single click. Check out the different features of our invoice templates below.

Basic Invoice Template

Includes all the most important information like line items and descriptions, automatic invoice numbering, fields for customer and business addresses, and multiple tax options.

Free Invoice Template

Save time and money by using one of over 100 free invoice designs. Create and send invoices fast, easy, and for free. The perfect option for freelancers and small businesses.

Advanced Invoice Template

Add more information to your invoice like purchase order numbers, unit prices, quantities, and a due date.

PDF Invoice Templates

Easily download your invoices as PDF files. Then easily save, store, and email your invoices to your customers.

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The Free Invoice Generator Upgrades Your Security

Included in your Invoice Home account is access to our unlimited cloud storage on our encrypted servers.

Saving your data and invoices to a cloud-based program is much more secure than storing them locally on your computer or an external hard drive. So, even if your computer crashes, or you lose your hard drive, you’ll always have a backed up copy with us.

Additionally, the Invoice Home online invoice generator passes the latest PCI compliance security standards. That means you’ll never have to worry about your data being stolen or sold.

We’ve also partnered with PayPal and Stripe, two safe and reliable payment gateways. So, when your customers pay with PayPal, or a debit or credit card their information is protected.

Simply create an account, use our free invoice generator, and every invoice you make will be secure.

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Amaze Your Customers

Every single template available with our invoice generator software has been created by professional graphic designers for your business.

Choose from over 100 amazing designs that reflect the style of your business. From modern, to traditional, to patriotic, our invoice generator has it all!

You can even upload your own business logo to the free invoice generator to promote your brand and create a consistent look.

Your customers will be impressed by your consistent brand identity and be reassured they're working with the right company.

Let Your Customers Decide How to Pay

PayPal, credit card, cash, or check? Our online invoice generator can handle it all!

Some of your customers may want to pay online, and some offline. Invoice Home leaves the option up to you.

If your customer wants to pay online, simply send them a payment link with their invoice. That way they can pay with PayPal or by card with Stripe.

If your customer prefers to pay cash or by check, just add the terms of payment to your invoice in the invoice generator. Be sure to include the due date and necessary payment details. Then, print the invoice directly from our site to mail or to give them in person.

Even better, once your customer pays you can instantly turn your invoice template into a blank receipt template without having to start over again!

mobile app invoice templates

Invoices by Mail or Email? It's Up to Your Customers!

Whether your customer prefers to receive their invoices by mail or email, Invoice Home has you covered. Once you’ve created a customer’s invoice with our invoice generator, save it to your account.

If your customer wants their invoices delivered by mail, download it as a PDF file, then print it. Grab a stamp and an envelope, and send it on its way by mail.

If your customer wants to receive their invoices by email, you have a few options. Email it directly through our system as an attachment, or download the invoice as a PDF and attach it to an email. Hit send, and they’ll have it in seconds!