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Best Cities to Live in With a Salary of $50,000

Published November 12, 2018

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As the cost of living continues to skyrocket across the country, the idea of finding an affordable city to live in may seem like a distant dream to some. This especially rings true to freelancers and small business owners who don’t earn a consistent salary. Luckily, Business Insider recently released a list of 19 cities where hard-working entrepreneurs can focus more on their business and less on if they can pay the rent. We’ve combed through this list to find 5 major cities from sea to shining sea where business owners can live care-free:

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Indianapolis, Indiana

Cost of Living: $47,127

Population: 848,788

Lifestyle: As Indiana’s capital, this Midwestern city has a lot to offer on a small budget. Of course, while the hustle and bustle of a capital city will help you focus on your business, the city also provides exciting activities in your downtime. Home to the Indianapolis Colts and the Indy 500, the city has a vibrant sports scene while it’s position on the map makes traveling to other metro areas like Chicago a breeze. If you are more into relaxing than exploring on your days off from your business then head out to White River State Park for a stroll along the river.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Cost of Living: $49,415

Population: 445,830

Lifestyle: With great hiking trails and breathtaking views around every corner, Colorado Springs is the perfect destination for any outdoorsy business owner! Spend your weekends hiking Pike’s Peak or take a quick drive to Aspen or Breckenridge for legendary skiing. Colorado ranks as the 5th best state for business in 2018 with Colorado residents supporting small businesses over big corporations. With such a large amount of business owners, you are sure to make a connection or two while living the high life.

Louisville, Kentucky

Cost of living: $48,897

Population: 612,780

Lifestyle: Boasting the second lowest cost of living on this list, moving to Louisville will allow you to put more money back into your business while enjoying classic southern hospitality. For sports fans, you check out Churchill Downs, home of the annual Kentucky Derby, or the birthplace of the Louisville Slugger, while families can enjoy a walk on the Big Four Bridge and find themselves in an entirely different state (Indiana). Named one of the biggest small towns in America, Kentuckians love to support small businesses and American companies which means more business for you!

Mesa, Arizona

Cost of living: $48,955

Population: 464,704

Lifestyle: The third largest city in Arizona, Mesa boasts the same sunny weather and big town feel as California without the sky high taxes. Mesa is perfect for the business owner with a flair for the arts as the Mesa Arts Center is the largest arts and entertainment park in the southwest while the downtown streets are filled with statues and public art displays. The most diverse city on this list, you are sure to feel at home in Mesa so matter your background, race and especially economic status.

St. Louis, Missouri

Cost of Living: $48,896

Population: 317,419

Lifestyle: Don’t be intimidated by the 630-foot Gateway Arch which welcomes you to St. Louis. The Midwestern city has quickly grown to become a start-up mecca and just last year it was named the 7th best US city to start a business in. While not working on your start-up head to Busch Stadium to check out the 11 time World Series Champions St. Louis Cardinals, visit the City Museum with your children or feast on some famous toasted ravioli. With Washington University, and plenty of other colleges in the area, the city has a young vibe which can keep you feeling young (or young at heart) when your business is stressing you out.

With five great choices (and 14 more on Business Insider’s list) you are sure to find the best city for your preferred weather, budget and, most importantly, taste in food but act fast before the secret gets out and these cities increase in price. One thing that you can take with you wherever you decide to go? Your favorite invoicing software from Invoice Home. Access your invoices, estimates and receipts from any wi-fi enabled device or you can even create and send invoices from your mobile phone with our Google Play Store app. Cheap living and your invoices are now right at your fingertips.

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