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How to Avoid a Toxic Workplace

Published August 16, 2019

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Warning, high levels of toxicity are harmful (we’re not referring to the literal toxins in the air, those can be taken care of with plants). We are talking about office dynamics, interactions, or a lack thereof.

It’s no secret that most people spend the majority of their waking hours at their jobs, working! And who wants to spend the majority of their time in a place that makes them miserable? So, as business owners it's important to secure the happiness of your employees. The more content they are the better the outcome is for both them and your company.

But maybe you aren’t sure if your business environment is malignant, and if it is, maybe you’re not sure how to fix it. In this case, we recommend checking out Is your Workplace Toxic? an article by The Hartford. It explains, in great detail, these exact questions; starting from the signs, to figuring out the cause, leading all the way to the how’s of fixing or preventing the problem.

If you’re curious to know what we find helpful in maintaining a TOXIC FREE WORKPLACE at Invoice Home, keep reading!


We believe it’s crucial to let employees know they are doing well when they are. There is nothing like the feeling of being recognized and appreciated for an accomplishment, even if it’s small. It’s encouraging for the employee and gives them an incentive to continue the great work. However, If there is some constructive feedback to be made, It’s always best if accompanied by something positive, this is referred to as “The Feedback Sandwich”. The first layer of the sandwich is positive as it is the foundation, which will later be a part in holding it all together. The second part of the sandwich are all the layers inside, which usually consist of a mixture of both good things and things that can be improved (constructive feedback). The last part is the positive piece of bread which is what finally completes the sandwich. In short, we start with the positive, add some constructive criticism and end with something positive. It’s the best way to ensure progress while never making anyone feel bad.


We can’t stress this point enough, working together is key! We make it a point to meet at least once a week, this helps with staying in the loop, not to mention more minds are always better than one. The more we communicate, the better our ideas become and the more we appreciate and understand what each person brings to the company. The more you communicate, the more you feel like a team, and everyone enjoys being a part of a team they can trust. We are not saying you must become best friends, but frequent interactions and respectful behavior towards others always help the ship sail smoother.

Being the Example

We believe, as employers, or a management team, it’s crucial to treat everyone with equal respect. It’s necessary to solve problems with reason and to never be the reason for the problems. If you show your employees you care, their work ethic will show you they care, (not just about the paycheck) about your company! In order to have top-notch employees, you must be a top-notch employer!

We hope this was helpful for you, and we wish you the best of luck with your business! Remember, when your employees are treated well, your business can excel.

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