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Jobs That Didn't Exist 20 Years Ago

Published January 15, 2019

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With daily changes in technology and the economy, new business ideas are popping up that no one wouldn’t have imagined 20 years ago. These days, you can find gigs on an app, get paid for posting a picture on social media or even drive strangers around in your car. If you’re thinking about starting an unconventional business and are nervous about it taking off, just look at these popular jobs and businesses that didn’t even exist when you graduated high school:

App Developers and Designers

Before iPhones, if someone said they were an “App Developer” someone might think they were a chef deciding on a restaurant’s new appetizers! Today, people can use apps to track personal health, keep in contact with friends, call a car and so much more. According to Evans Data Corp Global Development Population and Demographics Study, there are currently 12 million App Developers that are making careers out of inventing new apps. Today, we use apps for almost everything, including the next job on our list!

Uber/Lyft Drivers

We’ve all seen the one cliche in the movies where someone tries to hail a cab and it speeds right past them (or drives through a puddle and soaks the main character). Thankfully, those situations are becoming less common thanks to our friends at Uber and Lyft. While being able to call a ride via the phone might not be the newest invention, being able to do so without actually talking to someone is. According to the research over at BusinessOfApps, Uber and Lyft have started to beat out the iconic yellow taxi in New York City, with around 63,000 Uber vehicles, 34,000 Lyft vehicles and just 16,000 yellow cabs. Uber and Lyft drivers work flexible hours out of their own cars and meet some interesting new people along the way!

Social Media Influencers

Who needs an actual office when your work on your phone? From Instagram to YouTube to blogs and more, people are using their social media presence to sell products and ads to their large followings. Pay range is reflective of subscriber count, with salaries often ranging from $500 to $10,000 just for one post! YouTube isn’t just for funny cat videos anymore; for many it’s a steady income and career with the 7 year old behind the YouTube channel Ryan Toys Reviews pulling in a reported 22 million dollars in 2018.

SEO Specialist

How many times have you been in an unfamiliar area looking for a new place to eat, and have used Google or Bing to look up a good restaurant to go? Using search engines to research products or services before purchasing is becoming the standard in the market today, and it isn’t just limited to one industry. This is why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialists have become so important to marketers, as they are there generate more traffic to the site. SEO Specialists are able to secure the best placements for their company by using keywords, search analytics, and other SEO practices. This is a lot different from when there were only a handful of websites on the internet and you relied on recommendations came from people you knew.

There are new ideas and types of jobs being created everyday and yours might just be the next big thing! Don’t let a good idea or opportunity pass you by out of fear. No matter what business you decide on, Invoice Home can help you achieve those dreams with easy to use professional invoice templates! Whether you’re an app developer or a have a new invention, you can stay on top of your invoicing with Invoice Home. We can’t wait to see what this list will look like in another 10 to 20 years- maybe featuring one of your businesses!

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