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How to Stay Active at the Office

Published August 01, 2018

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Do you keep a drawer of sugary snacks at your desk? Miss the days of pumping iron instead of pumping out emails? Most business owners and employees have little time to go for a coffee run, nevertheless a run on the treadmill, so why not try new techniques to stay committed to your fitness while you’re committed to your business?

Stand Up to Laziness with Standing Meetings

We’ve all had those meetings that seem to drag on and on that could have been settled in 15 minutes or less. You end up sitting, doodling some stick figures while your energy sinks faster than the Titanic. The new trend in office management is to have standing meetings- where employees stand and write notes on whiteboards and flip-charts instead of sitting. Studies have even shown these meetings to be more efficient than traditional meetings as they cut down on time (who wants to stand around all day?), increase group interaction and lead to more creative solutions to problems (while also acting as a substitute for leg day at the gym). Standing meetings will not only help cut down on the amount of time you sit at your desk but will also help you become a stand out business owner.

Dress for Comfort (and Success)

Would you wear a three-piece suit and six inch high heels to the gym? Then why would you wear them to the office? Dressing uncomfortably only gives you excuses to not get up and start moving. How many times did you take the elevator instead of the stairs because your feet hurt due to your shoe choice? Even if your office has a strict dress code there are ways to improve your clothing: instead of a high heel why not pick a classic pair of flats or a chunkier heel? If you like to look impressive and wear suits to the office then why not pick one made of a breathable material? You can even pack a pair of sneakers so that you can go for a walk when going on your lunch break. Don’t be afraid to exercise your right to comfort while on the job.

Equip Your Desk Like a Gym

The number one excuse for not going to the gym is not having enough time. So why not bring the gym to the office? There are new cool office products being developed every week designed to help busy business owners stay active. One small change you can make is to decrease the amount of normal sitting you do by getting a standing desk or using a balance ball chair. Also by bringing the gym to your desk, you can cut the expense of a gym membership. This way you can get a clean bill of health without paying more bills.

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Walk- Don’t Email

Remember the good ole days before the internet when you had to actually get up to go speak to someone instead of email and dm-ing the person sitting next to you? Take every opportunity to get out of your desk chair and get moving. Have a question about the meeting you fell asleep through? Go to your coworker’s cubicle to get a play-by-play. Want to know what everyone is doing for lunch? Why not go door to door taking notes? Not only will you get more steps for your pedometer but you will get more social interaction as well.

Challenge Yourself- and Others

Remember all those charity walks and runs you did back in your glory days where you worked so hard just to get a free t-shirt? We are more likely to work at something if we have clearly stated goals and what is more motivating than a good old fashioned challenge? Better yet you can challenge your co-workers to get in on the fun and up the stakes. Have everyone write down the number of steps they take for a week, amount of pushups they do or cups of water they drink and set a prize for whoever can be the fittest. Or, if you want to switch things up you can have a punishment for the loser where they must buy everyone a (sugar-free) coffee. All work and no play, after all, makes for a dull and boring office so why not have some healthy fun with your coworkers?

Don’t Just Wait Around

If you work in a large office, chances are you share a lot: the coffee machine, the copier machine, the fax machine (if your office hasn’t been updated since 1997). Waiting around for these machines usually means standing around- which is both boring and a waste of time. So why not use this time for some exercise? You can do some simple stretches, a quick yoga pose or just go for a quick walk around the office if you aren’t flexible enough to even touch your toes (like us). By using this time to move you’ll be doing your body and mind some good as the wait time goes by quicker as well. Anything that will make the workday go by fast is a win-win, but this is especially a success since it’s also a win for your health.

Go Out and About for Lunch

Sick of eating squished PB&J for lunch? Want something other than what can be found in the vending machine down the hall? Take your dedicated lunch hour (you deserve it!) and go out for lunch. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your paycheck on a fancy lunch at the Olive Garden, but you can simply walk to a nearby grocery store for some nourishment. If you can’t fathom the thought of not bringing in your lunch or have a precious lunch box you simply cannot leave home without, feel free to pack a meal but instead of eating it in the employee break room eat it outside and get some sun. Just don’t leave work and go straight to McDonald's- you are what you eat after all.

Though it’s tempting to stay seated at your desk from 9 to 5 munching on Cheetos, there are many simple adjustments you can make to lead a healthier lifestyle and keep your body moving. One piece of office equipment that will always keep up with you when you’re on the go? Invoice Home’s app available on the Google Play store. You can create, send and print your invoices while you’re playing ping-pong, running a road race, or doing your downward dog.

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