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How Your Business Can Profit From Halloween

Published October 25, 2018

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It’s that time of the year: trailers for the latest horror movies are here, spooky decorations are up, and I’m sure you’ve heard people talking about what they plan to dress up as. You know what this means; Halloween is right around the corner! You might be ready for October 31st, but is your business? Holiday-targeted marketing is a great strategy for brand-recognition, especially when ads are fun and get everyone in the holiday spirit. So why not use this Halloween as an opportunity to market your business and reach potential new customers? We’ll show you how you can do exactly that. 

Mix It Up

Some of the most iconic brands have changed their products for holidays. Seeing as candy is a big part of Halloween, companies like Reese’s definitely take advantage of this time. Reese’s designs new versions of their iconic peanut butter cup around popular holidays. In October the classic cup is transformed into a pumpkin, in December Christmas trees, and then heart-shapes around Valentine’s Day! This of course requires a bit of extra work but can reap a lot of rewards.

Time for Some Redecorating

If changing your product to reflect the holiday spirit is not ideal for you, try spicing up your surroundings! For those with a store, why not get out the old craft box and get creative? A few spider webs and some ~spooky~ holiday lights can make a world of difference to those walking by. Online shop? No problem, adding some halloween fun to your website is just as easy whether it’s adding a splash of orange and black to your site or simply changing the mouse arrow to a pumpkin. Depending on your business, the possibilities are endless.

Costume Contest

Nothing brings people in like a discount! Incentivize customers with a 10% discount if they wear a costume into your store on October 31st! You can even add a theme by reflecting your products. For example, if you own a book store, you can have the discount apply to anyone wearing a costume of their favorite book character! Maybe you run a pet store, the costume contest can apply to pets! All it takes is a little creativity to get you and your customers into the halloween spirit!

Halloween is the one time a year where scary things become part of the norm, from the decorations to the costumes. While this is all part of the fun halloween brings, one thing you don’t want to be frightened by are late payments! So, why not use Invoice Home to create and track your invoices and make it easier and faster to get paid!

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