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Gifts for the Entrepreneur in Your Life

Published December 20, 2018

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Finding a gift for someone can feel like a challenge- you want to find something that is unique while still being practical. Finding the right gift for a business owner can be even trickier as you want to find something to help them run their business. To help you with this sticky situation, we’ve compiled a list of gifts any entrepreneur we know would love to receive!

Laptop Case

Laptops are becoming more favored over desktop computers due to their convenience and ability to work on the go. These days, a case is not just for protection (although that is a great benefit)! Cases are easier to clean, can be customized with logos to promote their brand, and allow for better organization and professionalism.


Working for hours and hours is exhausting, so why not make it a little more fun? Jamming out while listening to your music can increase your energy and let help your creativity flow! Many entrepreneurs and freelancers work in coffee shops or public areas instead of an office, so another benefit is blocking out any passing distractions!

Alarm Clock

A lot of people, especially younger generations, rely solely on their phones for their morning wake-up call when, in reality, they aren’t the most reliable alarms. Phones can break or have their volume turned “off”, making causing you to oversleep and miss that important meeting. From alarms on wheels that make you actually get out of bed and them find to turn them off or an alarm that spreads the smell of bacon when it’s time to wake up, there are many different alarms that can leave someone alert and ready for that early morning meeting!

Treat Yourself Day

A gift anyone could appreciate: a day off from the hectic work week! A weekend relaxation day can be exactly what an overworked entrepreneur needs! Whether at home or a spa, getting away from the stress and chaos can re-energize your loved one for the work week ahead! Need some tips on how to create a staycation? We break it down for you here.

A Business Subscription

Invoices can be a PAIN to create, send out, and track payment. Invoice Home will make it easier for your entrepreneur to get paid with customizable templates and fast online payments. With unlimited invoicing plans at just $5 a month, it makes invoicing easier and is still easy on your wallet!

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