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Stay organized! Bookmark customers, unpaid.. Here’s how!

Published October 12, 2016

Bookmark Invoices
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Bookmarks are a great way to keep all your important clients and data in one place - just a click away!

1. Sign in to Invoice Home and open your list of invoices:

2. Select the “Unpaid” tab (or whichever category you wish to bookmark):

Bookmark Unpaid

3. On your browser toolbar, select “Bookmarks” → “Bookmark This Page...”:

Bookmark Customer

4. Voila! “Unpaid - Invoice Home” bookmark has been added:

You can issue a new invoice for this customer or select the invoice detail.

Customer's Invoices List

Pro tip: Bookmarking works with any Invoice Home category! Keep track of ‘Paid’, ‘Unpaid’, ‘Emailed’ and more with just one click :)

If you need assistance or have any questions, please email

Thank you for using Invoice Home!

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