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Invoice paid in cash? Set it as “Paid” manually.

Published September 10, 2015


Sometimes an invoice is paid by cash or wire transfer and you want to set this invoice as paid manually. How to set invoice manually as paid?

1. Sign in to Invoice Home and open your list of invoices:

2. Select the invoice to be set as paid and click “Unpaid”:

Click Unpaid

3. On the Payments tab click the “Set as Paid” as shown:

Set as Paid

4. If you wish to change the date, or Amount, click “Edit Payment”:

Alter the date, or Amount, and click “Save”.

Edit Payment

Done! You are free to change invoices back to 'Unpaid” any time. Please note that invoices paid online are marked as 'Paid” automatically.

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Thank you for using Invoice Home!