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Top 10 Cities for Female Entrepreneurs

Published January 24, 2019

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The future is female! At least, when it comes to business. With now 39% of all small businesses in the United States being run by women, the face of the average entrepreneur is beginning to change. Technology conglomerate Dell recently revealed the top ten cities in the world for female entrepreneurs, so whether you’re an established boss babe or a work-from-home mom, there are plenty of places for you to make your mark in the traditionally male world of business. Here are the top ten cities, in order, for female entrepreneurs according to Dell:

1. New York City

It’s no surprise that the city that never sleeps is the perfect place for hustling women and busy moms to succeed. New York has become a hub for startups in the past decade due to an increasing number of co-working spaces, access to worldwide talent, and a general preference for unique smaller businesses thanks to the hipster generation. With a women to men ratio of 100 to 89, you’ll surely find an encouraging community amongst women and maybe a female business partner or two.

2. Bay Area, California

Move over Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, there’s a new, more feminine, face in Silicon Valley. As women are becoming more and more involved in technology, thanks largely to STEM programs being targeted to young girls and college-aged students, more women are taking the initiative in starting their own companies. Success stories include Anne Wojcicki, CEO of 23andMe and Susan Wojcicki, CEO of Youtube. These days, both business and technology aren’t just for men anymore.

3. London, UK

Looking to start a global business venture? Look no further than across the pond! The home of the London Eye is frequently eyed by successful venture capitalists, meaning you’ll have no problems securing funding for your next big business. With a large international presence, your business can go from startup to global empire with the right connections and amount of hard work. With a female Prime Minister (at time of writing) and the Queen taking center stage in UK politics, there is a much greater balance of gender in power and high ranking positions, meaning no one will give you the side eye when you’re a female pitching your idea to investors.

4. Boston, Massachusetts

Home to the founding fathers of the United States, this dynamic city is now home to distinguished business founders. Boston is home to many first-class universities like MIT and Harvard, meaning there is plenty of undiscovered minds and talents who will be looking for work once they graduate. Even better, if you’re a working mom your children will have the best of the best education. If you’re looking to start a new business, why not make a new start in New England?

5. Stockholm, Sweden

Surprised to see Sweden on the list? Don’t be. With global companies like Spotify and King Games (developers of the crazy addictive Candy Crush games) calling Stockholm home, businesses in Sweden have ballooned in popularity making it the second biggest producer of billion-dollar tech companies (after Silicon Valley, of course) in the world. Even better, with Sweden’s work benefits, work-life balance and ample paid time off you won’t develop Stockholm Syndrome with your business, allowing plenty of time for family and friends.

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6. Los Angeles, California

If California is calling your name, but tech isn’t your game, then why not make the move to Los Angeles? In addition to the film industry, Los Angeles is home to many lifestyle and clothing brands including Colourpop Cosmetics and Forever 21. With 20% of women-run companies falling into the category of commerce and shopping, you’ll feel right at home building your business here.

7. Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is so much more than just Capitol Hill and MAGA hats. Like Boston, Washington D.C. features an intellectual crowd, making it so there will be no shortage of talent waiting to work for you or become your business partner. Washington D.C. boasts the highest percentage of women-owned businesses at 30%, making it a sure bet for success for first-time female entrepreneurs.

8. Singapore

A haven for gig workers and digital nomads, Singapore presents an exotic destination for any entrepreneur, not just females. With low taxes, good business infrastructure, and fewer gender politics, Singapore is the perfect place for starting a business if you have less capital or prefer to fly solo. Speaking of flying, Singapore is close to many attractive international destinations so if you’re looking for a complete 180 from your traditional office job this city might just be the ticket.

9. Toronto, Canada

If you’re looking for a great place to start a business then look no further than the Great White North. One of the most diverse cities on this list, Toronto offers an international community and with that comes a more open mind and attitude toward smaller businesses. Canada frequently hosts forums and conventions for female entrepreneurs, including the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, so if you start a female-run business in Toronto it surely will be something that is talked “aboot”.

10. Seattle, Washington

Home to Starbucks, Amazon, and Microsoft, Seattle knows a thing or two about entrepreneurship. Many tech entrepreneurs have been ditching the overcrowded Silicon Valley in favor of the Emerald City and with a wealth of capital, young population, and natural setting it’s easy to see why. Like it’s Pacific Northwestern sister city Portland, many Seattle residents prefer to support local businesses rather than large corporations (aka it’s full of hipsters) so if the rainy days don’t get you down than why not give Seattle a try?

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