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How to Use 'My Reports' as Statements

Published June 28, 2017

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For those of you seeking statements or something similar, here's how.

Going to the “Reports” tab gives you an opportunity to gather the information like a statement.

You have the ability to see all your documents and those just from last month or the last quarter.

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If you want specific dates or document type you can select up top.

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You can sort the status of the document: paid, partially paid, or overdue.

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Another cool feature is that if you have used more than one currency, you can also sort by that!

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After selecting which you would like to have, you can then download the information as a PDF or as an Excel spreadsheet that you can edit later on. From here, you can save for your own records or you can email it to your clients!

The PDF will download all the corresponding documents in a folder and they will be individual PDF files.

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You can even print the table directly from our system with the print tab!

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If you want to get very specific, you can sort; for example, for all overdue invoices in one currency (USD).

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P.S. There is also a way to clear all your filters so you can start with all the documents again!

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We are always open to suggestions and take all of them into consideration for future updates! Don’t hesitate to reach out for more!

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