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Get paid faster with Payment Links! Here’s how.

Published November 02, 2014

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You can get paid faster by allowing your clients to pay invoices by credit card or PayPal. Here's how to attach a payment link to any unpaid invoice in just a few short steps.

Desktop version

1. Select the invoice you want to send, and click the “Payments” tab.

2. Click “Start Accepting Cards”.

Start Accepting Cards

3. Select your preferred Payment Gateway, and follow the instructions when prompted.

Select a Gateway

4. Click the “Email” tab.

Email Tab

5. Check the box to include a Payment Request, and send your invoice!

While the customer address is required, the other fields are optional.

Send an Email

Now just click send, and your customer can easily pay the invoice by credit card or PayPal!

Invoice Home app

1. Select the Menu icon on the top left corner, and go to “Settings”.

















2. Under “Start Accepting Cards”, select your preferred Payment Gateway.











3. Go back to the home screen, and select the invoice you want to send.











4. Tap the “Email” tab.











5. Tap the box to include a Payment Request, and send your email!











If you need assistance or have any questions, please email

Thank you for using Invoice Home!

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