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Get paid faster with Payment Links! Here’s how.

Published November 02, 2014

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You can get paid faster by allowing your clients to pay invoices by credit card or PayPal. All you need is to enable the Payment Link.

1. On the Invoice Detail screen click the 'Payments' tab:

Payments Tab

2. Click the 'Start Accepting Cards' button:

Start Accepting Cards

3. Select a Gateway (PayPal example shown below):

Select a Gateway

4. Fill in your PayPal Email:

Fill in your PayPal Email and click the 'Save' button. Unless you disable online payments manually, this setting will remain available for all invoices you send in the future.

Connect to Paypal

5. Click the 'Email' tab:

Email Tab

6. Fill out and send an Invoice with a Payment Link:

While the customer address is required, the other fields are optional.

Send an Email

Now just click send, and your customer can easily pay the invoice by credit card or PayPal!

If you need assistance or have any questions, please email

Thank you for using Invoice Home!