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Providing discounts? Effortless work-flow here!

Published May 05, 2016

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When you want to provide a client with a discount on their invoice, you can choose whether you want to provide a discount on the entire invoice, or on one item in the invoice.

Discounting from the Entire Invoice

1. Fill in the invoice as usual:


2. Add a new item, named something like “Discount”, and enter a negative value for the amount you would like to discount your customer (ex: for a $10 discount, enter “-10.0”):


The invoice’s total will be calculated accordingly:

Invoice Total

Discounting from One Item

1. On the item you would like to discount, select “Add a Tax”:


2. Enter the percentage you would like to discount as a negative number (ex: for a 10% discount, you would enter “-10.0”):


Your discount will appear like this:


You are all set! Happy invoicing!

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