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What Is An Invoice? The 4 Most Important Elements.

Published February 02, 2022

woman on phone making invoices
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So you’re wondering exactly what is an Invoice? The term “invoice” gets thrown around a lot, but can be confusing at first to understand.

At its core, an invoice is the document that marks a transaction between a buyer and seller for goods or services sold. As a seller, an invoice is the document that shows you have sold something, and ultimately gets you paid. As a buyer, an invoice is the bill for what you have bought.

Although somewhat intimidating, they are a necessity and important to get right. And hey, no promises, but they can be kind of fun, at the very least when you get paid after.

HOW TO: A Guide to Invoice Home - Features & Functions

Published December 06, 2021

Invoice Home Features and Functions

We get it. You probably came to Invoice Home when you were looking for a simple invoice template for your growing business.

We’re thrilled you found us, but even though we have hundreds of beautiful invoice templates to choose from, Invoice Home has a lot more to offer you and your business.

For starters, we don’t just offer invoices. We offer a number of other documents like receipts, quotes, estimates, and more!

Plus, our invoicing system has a host of features and functions that help you streamline your billing process. Like recurring invoices, payment links, an email feature, and safe and secure unlimited storage of all your documents and their details.

HOW TO: Create Your First Invoice with Invoice Home

Published December 05, 2021

Man at computer making first invoice with Invoice Home
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Creating an invoice for the first time can seem quite complicated at first. However, with the right help and tools, it's can be a breeze.

If you're brand new to invoicing, and feel a bit intimidated by the word itself, don't be! You can rely on Invoice Home for the assist!

HOW TO: Archive Items with Invoice Home

Published November 02, 2021

archive items
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If you’ve been using Invoice Home to make your invoices for a while, or you offer your customers a lot of products or services, you may need an easy way to clean up your items list.

That’s why we added the archive items function!

HOW TO: Recurring Invoices - pt. 1 - Steps to Set-up

Published October 29, 2021

recurring invoices
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Do you bill your customers for the same products or services every week, month, quarter, or year? If the answer is “yes”, then recurring invoices are for you!

If you’re a landlord, landscaper, language tutor, or work in another profession offering the same services regularly, you probably have customers who you invoice consistently for the same amount.

Creating and emailing the same invoice over and over can get old. So, let us automate the process for you. Set up recurring invoices today!

How To: Add a Partial Payment with Invoice Home!

Published October 25, 2021

Invoice Home Adding Partial Payments
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In an ideal world, clients would pay the entire invoice in one go. However, sometimes that just isn't possible. Sometimes you need to add partial payments!

Your invoice may be for a large sum, you may request deposits before starting work, or your clients may request a special payment plan.

Regardless, Invoice Home has you covered. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to add partial payments to your invoices.

HOW TO: Add Two Taxes or a Compounded Tax to an Invoice

Published August 17, 2021

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Life can be complicated, and so can taxes.

We get it. Sometimes you need to add a tax to just a single item on the invoice. Sometimes, you need to add two taxes. And need to add compounded taxes.

Don’t worry, with Invoice Home you can do it all in a snap.

Here’s how!

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